Bar Menu

Served Fri ~ Sun, 6pm – 9pm

All served in a box to eat in or take away.

Calzone – £7.00

Home-made calzone (folded pizza) with a choice of 4 fillings with a cheesy garlic top.

Fish and Chips – £6.00

Beer battered fish goujons, served with home-made chips and mushy peas.

Salt and Pepper Chicken and Chips – £6.00

Hot and spicy seasoned chicken and chips, cooked with peppers, onions and bean sprouts.

Pie, chips and peas – £5.50

Steak and gravy pie served with home-made chips and mushy peas.

Pizza – £6.00

10″ home-made, thin base pizza with a choice of 4 toppings:

Pepperoni, Chorizo, Ham, Red onion, Pineapple, Sweetcorn, Chicken Tikka, Jalapeños, Mixed peppers, Black olives, Tomatoes and Mushrooms.

Mixed Kebab – £5.50

Mixed Chicken and Lamb sheekh in naan bread, with mixed salad, and a choice of sauces.

Chicken Curry – £6.00

Home-made chicken curry served with a choice of home-made chips, or rice and a naan bread. (made to your liking – mild to hot).

Burger – £5.00

Served on a bread-cake with onions, tomatoes and relish, with a side of home-made chips.

Hot Dog – £5.00

Foot long Cumberland hot dog served in a sweet soft baguette, with a side of homemade chips. Have it plain or with ketchup, mustard, fried onions and peppers mix.

Nachos – £4.00

Stacked nachos with cheese, salsa, guacamole, and optional Jalapeños.

Cheesy Chips – £3.50

Chip Butty – £3.00

Chips – £2.50